Australian Wild Deer Antlers

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A popular long lasting durable chew for dogs. These Australian Deer Antlers are shed naturally and are true bone and natural structure and wont splinter or snap like cooked bones and are a safe natural treat for dogs. Antlers are shed and regrown each year and found only on male deer. Antlers vary in size, shape as well as colour. Chewing on deer antlers provide many health benefits for dogs and also act as a natural toothbrush keeping your dog entertained for hours on end. Deer Antlers also naturally contain iron, calcium and minerals plus they are preservative free. Our split antlers reveal the honeycomb centre and making it a little easier to chew for dogs that have softer jaws. We recommend discarding the antlers once it reach a size that where it can easily be swallowed whole.

Medium Antlers (whole & Split)

  •  Approx 8-9 inches in Length 
  • Weight - 75-110g

Large Antlers (Split)

  • Approx 8-9 inches in Length
  • Weight - 120-165g

Large Antlers (Whole)

  • Approx 8-9 inches in Length
  • Weight - 170-210g

X-Large Antlers (Whole)

  • Approx 13-14 inches in Length
  • Weight - 230-300g