Goats Milk Super Blend Powder 200g

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SKU: GMP0001

Goats Milk Powder for Dogs

(18 serves) in a 200g pack

Packed full of probiotic cultures which promote healthy digestion and also excellent for dogs prone to diarrhoea, joint pain, arthritis, allergies, itching, diabetes and yeast infections. 

It absorbs quickly and is gentle on both canine and feline tummies. Goats Milk also boasts a very healthy mix of nutrients, vitamins, trace minerals, electrolytes, enzymes, protein and fatty acids as well as carotene and anti-inflammatory properties.

Tips: Pour over kibble, freeze into cubes for hot days as a cool treat or simply serve as a yummy nutritious treat. 

Instructions: Mix 1 and a 1/2 Tbspns to 250ml of water, add water slowly to create a paste, add remaining water and mix well to serve.


  • Human grade ingredients
  • Imported from the Netherlands
  • makes 18 serves

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